The Brand

The saga began in 1993 with the founding of enterprise I.I. “OLGA CEBAN” as a family company. It was a private atelier for dancers.

fabrica ravetti

In 1999 the turning point was done. The company decided to change its profile in the domain of woman underwear. Starting with two machines, now the company is placed on 1500 m2 covered area and 5000 m2 open area, increasing the labor force permanently. Factory is equipped only with new sewing equipment from PEGASUS, GLOBAL and YAMATO.

In 2000 the individual enterprise I.I. OLGA CEBAN created its own brand ravetti™. Ravetti™ became very successful in Moldova. Because of the comfort, high quality and attractive price policy, thousands of women prefer the products of ravetti™, now not only in Moldova but also in Russia, Ukraine and Romania.


In 2007 due to the marketing demands, and the real fresh trends in fashion, a complex rebranding was made to ravetti™, which leaded it to a higher step in the flirtatious world of lingerie market.


Even now while you are reading it, our creative designers and professional handcrafts, create sexy, but not provocative, sweet, but not saccharine lingerie, they create — ravetti™