The Brand

Ravetti is renowned for its comfortable, colorful and diverse collections. Ravetti is designed and manufactured in Moldova, in the beautiful city of Chisinau, resulting in a great mix of European design and local craftsmanship.

Ravetti is famous for its use of vibrant, cutting-edge colors, and it believes that a woman's lingerie should be able to reflect her every mood. The company's motto — “I like myself...and he likes me!” reflects the life scenes of today’s woman.

All brand items are crafted of high-quality, stretch fabrics which are exceptionally easy to wear, create a flattering fit, and offer a perfectly designed, beautiful silhouette, and thus respond to the sometimes conflicting needs of contemporary women. Ravetti has won the acclaim and support principally of working women because of its urban, trendy styling and the opportunities it offers for self-expression through coordinates that answer to individual tastes.